About Malta Masters

Welcome to the first Malta Masters Basketball Tournament.

Sport is an important  part of the well being of every person. Basketball is one of the most popular sport activities, helping not only the physical but also the mental development of a person. As many of us know it is indeed  an ideal game for youngsters and adults alike.

The idea of organising the Masters Basketball Tournament in Malta as an annual event was born several years ago, when I met Tom Campbell during  a youth basketball game between Scottish youths and players from Luxol Basketball Nursery. Following the Scots visit to Malta, Jeremy  Gambin arranged for Luxol basketball players to take part in a  friendly tournament in Glasgow. This friendship developed further and was taken to a second level when a year later two Scottish teams from the Masters Division visited Malta to participate in a mini tournament together with the Maltese Masters Basketball team.  This successful event was followed by further games in Scotland and in Ireland.


Building on this success, I decided to organise a Basketball Masters Tournament in Malta  and I then asked one of my fellow players, Peter Perotti, to help me as we then sought the necessary support from our team-mates.

The Malta Basketball Association, through its enterprising president Mr Paul Sultana immediately expressed full support and is taking an active part in the preparation for this tournament which we would like to develop into an annual event. Moreover the Ministry of Education through the personal intervention of the Hon Stefan Buontempo, Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Research and Youth, has also given its unconditional support and has kindly allocated the venue for the tournament.

As this is an event promoting  healthy living and sport which can be practiced even during senior years, we have decided to do this for a good cause.  This year we will donate all proceedings to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Our  motto will be, “Basketball for All – Basketball for a good cause”.

I hope that this event will create long lasting friendship between the participants, officials and spectators, and that it will also encourage the young generation to actively take part in basketball.

With this in mind I would like to cordially invite you to participate and to be part of this success by make this event a reality.

Predrag Andrejevic